Is an artist currently working in Ohio.

Originally from San Francisco, California.  Melissa has lived and traveled throughout the world.

About her 3D work - Melissa’s work comes from an exploration of languages and cultural systems which build communication.  Raised to speak several languages, and along side different cultures her bilingualism and multiculturalism feed a curiosity about how language functions and how the mind works when experiencing a foreign system of words and communication.  

About her woven paintings - Melissa uses the language of weaving to explore contrasts by creating work that contains themes of both structure and disruption, presence and absence. She uses the geometry of weaving and freedom of painting to force the unification of seemingly disparate characteristics of free form expression and rigidity.

About her work as a whole - Melissa is using her art to response to the experience of communication. To look at the experience of seeing and of forming meaning she builds systems that form layers that then build images. Her work explores and tries to make concience how little needs to be expressed through physical and visual cues before the mind enters to complete what may be distorted, missing or expected. 

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