Is an artist currently living in Ohio.

Originally from San Francisco, California.  Melissa has lived and traveled all over the world.

About her 3D work - Melissa is fascinated by language, and cultural systems which aid communication between individuals.  Raised to speak several languages, her bilingualism gives her insight into how language functions and how the mind works when experiencing a whole new system of words and communication.  Her multilayered 3D work uses layering rhythms to mimic language as a visual alphabet to form meaning.

About her woven paintings - Seeking to introduce chance and intuitive making into weaving Melissa began painting layers of warps on the loom with undulating organic shapes, and then weaving the paintings together.  As an artist spending a great deal of time in a weaving studio Melissa came to see the weavings she was encountering as systemic formulas, reduced down to progressive steps that were more about production than grappling with the unknown. Combining the geometry of weaving, which has a fundamental order, with gesture, allows her to undermine the rigid geometric structures she is responding to.

Injecting structure and repetition of weaving with gestural paintings forces the uniting of seemingly disparate characteristics of free form expression and geometry while highlighting the contrast between them, creating work that is about gaining control and then relinquishing it. 

About her work as a whole - Melissa has a particular interest in communication and how little needs to be expressed through physical, visual and verbal cues before the mind jumps in to finish what is distorted or missing.  Because of her experience of frequently changing, cultures and countries, and learning new languages structure, disruption, presence and absence are common themes in her work.